Achieving your Success - Start Now!

Setting yourself up for success:

Taking charge of your life, making lasting positive change and experiencing more joy:  What's it worth to you? Let the Successful Change Coaching Clients tell you what it's worth to them.

You can choose to reach for the stars by choosing one of these amazing packages (whichever one suits you) or if you are still uncertain, choose the informational "Skyrocket to Success" session.

All coaching sessions will guide you towards closing the gap between where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow. This is a process, not a quick fix. Lasting change takes time, total commitment, and follow-through. For maximum benefits of coaching, it is recommended you commitment to a minimum of nine coaching sessions (Gold Package).  Don't hesitate to e-mail Cathy T. should you need help selecting the right package for you.

* Private 1-on1 coaching packages include a 90-minute in-person Discovery session to lay the foundation, identify main areas of focus, and clarify the goals you want to achieve.  Subsequent 30-minute tele-coaching sessions provide you with the resources, structure, and support to keep you focused, and on-track.


... Choose a Coaching Package, that Suits You!

‘Silver’ Coaching Package:  - A Positive-Focused Approach;

Have you temporarily lost your way? Think you might know where you want to go? This Lift-off package will help you achieve clarity, and focus on what’s important, as you reach for the sky. Then, you’ll take it from there. A empowering refresher for clients who have had previous coaching. 

Your investment: Two months & $995 (or two instalments of $525) for a 6-session coaching package.*

‘Gold’ Coaching Package: - A Passion-Focused Approach;

Break through the storm clouds, stop living out ‘rainy days’ of negativity, and cross into the atmosphere of freedom and growth. This package is for those who are already experiencing abundant living but need fine tuning in some areas of their life and career.  Learn new tools, habits and patterns, and take control of your destiny. Perfect for clients who want to make lasting change.

Your investment: Three months & $1,395 (or three instalments of $495) for a 9-session coaching package.*  

‘Platinum’ Coaching Package: - A Success-Focused Approach;

Most popular! Success is available for everyone including you, so what is holding you back? This complete package is customized for clients involved in a progression of change, whether in your career or personal life. Together, we’ll: 1) Re-define personal and professional roles, 2) Sort through ideas, options, and new perspectives; and 3) Develop an action plan with concrete steps. All based on what’s most important to you.

Your investment: Six months & $2,595 (or three instalments of $805) for a 18-session coaching package.* 

‘Diamond’ Coaching Package: - A “Practice What I Preach”-Focused Approach;

This package is for those who are committed fully to achieving their goals & changing their life. Committed to the journey and process, with an attitude of excellence, you are not afraid to raise the bar and expectations of yourself. With targeted homework & coaching we will identify your life purpose and vision for the next year.

This package includes year-long accountability with focus on clearly defining – and living out – your best life. Recommended for clients who are committed to powerful life change! 

Your investment: Twelve months & $4,795 (or four instalments of $1,260) for a 36-session, full-year coaching package.*