Cathy T. - Career Success Coach,

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Coaching Snapshot: 

At Successful Change Coaching I focus on professional women whom feel like something may be missing; that they deserve more and who are ready to make that change and achieve their  success.

Cathy T. - My Story,

A few years ago, I found myself stuck and in a hard place.  Our family had experienced the loss of 9 people who were very close to us.  We experienced this loss in a 2 year period.   The first person we would lose was my brother.  The most recent person we lost was my dad.  After my dad’s death, I had to take a medical leave due to stress.  During that time, was when I discovered “life coaching” and how this process would change my life.

After receiving some very important healing as a result of coaching, I decided that I wanted to “pay it forward” by becoming a coach myself.  I took training from the Fowler Wainwright Institute and began what is, to date, the most exciting journey of my life.

In my own journey of life and career, what is most critical to me is the desire to live and work in the areas of my passion.  It is only by doing this that I am truly happy and fulfilled.  Along my travels, I have encountered many professional women who are not happy or fulfilled in their life or careers.  It is to these women that I am reaching out.

My Client Profile & My Coaching Style...

Are you the ideal client for Successful Change Coaching?

My coaching clients are:
  • Determined not to settle for second best in their life or career.
  • Craving a perfect work/life balance.
  • Living "on a purpose for a purpose".
  • Wanting to identify their passion in life and set goals to work and live in their area of passion.
  • Open to Self discovery and change.
  • Committed to the process and work involved to achieve their goals and dreams.
  • Excited to see what the future holds for them.

If that is you, then I want to hear from you! E-Mail me now, or visit the Contact page.

Our Coaching Relationship, Starts Here!

Positive-Focused Coaching:
I believe that in order for you to grab a whole of all that life has to offer you, you must approach life with a positive attitude and determination for success. All of my coaching will be to this end.  While you may want to embark in a transforming process in order for you to look at your life in a more positive way, you will always see me operating in an arena of positivity. I am your biggest fan and cheerleader.  I will always be in your corner encouraging you to success.

Passion-Focused Coaching:
What drives you? What are you most passionate about? Together we will discover the answers to these two questions and more. Through passion-focused coaching, you will discover the five things that you are most passionate about in your life. Once you determine this, we will direct the coaching towards setting goals towards transforming your life and career into living and working in the areas of your passion. You will be energized, motivated 

Success-Focused Coaching: I am a facilitator of success. As your facilitator of success, we will work on processes that will lead to your personal and business success. Through exercises that will challenge your thinking and growth, you will learn that success is yours for the taking. You will develop a constant “mindset of success” that will envelop your whole life and being. You will strengthen your sense of purpose, you will come to know your destiny and you will achieve your life’s dreams.

Practice What I Preach-Focused Coaching: 
Your coach is also a client. I have a wonderful coach who works with me every month in order to help me achieve my goals. I will never ask you to do anything that I would not do myself in my own coaching sessions. In fact, it will be like you receiving the benefits of “two coaches” because what I glean from my coach, I will pass on to you!  

Are we a good match, and are you ready to take the first step?  Get started now!