Why Coaching Works...

Motivational Speaker and Writer Brian Tracy said: “It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.” 

Coaching works because rather than focusing on where you have been and what is in your past, we focus on where you are going and what is in your future.

Your past does not define you. It has contributed to who you are today and where you are at right now but it does not define you! You define you! You determine your life and your destiny!  You have all the power!

Many women and you may be one of them, really do not understand the power they have to decide the future they will live.  It is very easy to:
  • Maintain the status quo and not create waves,
  • Remain in you comfort zone because it seams to scary to change,
  • Not recognize the opportunities you have to embark on an exciting new journey in your career and your personal life,
  • Take care of yourself last because everyone else is more important then you are.

With Coaching you will:
  • Get perspective on your life and goals,
  • Set priorities and determine the direction you want to go,
  • Identify the obstacles and belief systems that you fall into that get you "stuck",
  • Create successful patterns and belief systems that cause you to move forward towards positive change,
  • receive ongoing and structured support empowering you to develop the tools you need to move forward to where you want to be in your life,
  • Take back the power and control that you need and desire to live your best life and the best "you" can be.

With coaching you receive an accountability partner, advocate, cheerleader, supporter, mentor, guide, and encourager.

This is really a call to challenge you to live a bigger life, have a bigger dream and fulfill a bigger destiny.  Are you ready for the next step?

Check out the Coaching Options offered and if you are still a little uncertain start with the Skyrocket to Success program, and go from there.  This IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU NEED!


What People are Saying!

"Before I met Cathy, my life felt like a real struggle, with very little to look forward to each day. I was overwhelmed and drained from trying to be everything to everybody; the perfect wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and employee. There never seemed to be enough time or energy left over to pursue my dreams, have fun or even just relax. In the first few coaching sessions, I learned how my negative thinking patterns and lack of defined priorities were holding me back. By working with Cathy, I have clarified my goals, charted a course to achieve them and developed positive tools and strategies to move forward in a focused and self-nurturing way. As a Life Coach, Cathy exudes authenticity, warmth and genuine caring. She is like the supportive best friend who pushes you past your excuses and rationalizations. Cathy has an amazing ability to read between the lines and draw out the underlying issues that are sometimes difficult express. Her structured approach helped me to quickly and easily tackle issues head on and brought greater clarity, motivation and inspiration to my life and relationships. She challenged me to push past my limiting beliefs, opened my mind to new possibilities, and refuelled my sense of purpose and passion. Throughout the journey, Cathy never judged, but instead always encouraged and empowered me. Life feels worth living again! It is clear that Cathy’s passion is to help her clients fully realize their true potential, grow brave in the face of their fears, and craft the life of their dreams. It is great to be moving ahead on my chosen life path and to know that if I stumble along the way, Cathy will be there to help me.”
- Mischelle V., Calgary, Alberta

“Before I met Cathy and began life coaching, I was merely existing and going” through the motions” of everyday living, believing that life was to be this predictable routine matter of working my 9-5 job and being a single mom. Cathy has supported and mentored to me to look at the glass as “half full” instead of “half empty” and that everything and anything is possible. I have begun my own business, have a stronger relationship with God and enjoy every day and appreciate my children.  There is peace and joy in my life that did not exist 4 months ago and all my friends and family have noticed the difference in me. I am so grateful for Cathy’s encouragement and support in this process and believe that life coaching has truly changed my life.”

- Christine S., Calgary, Alberta